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How To Report Copyright Infringement to Google


copyright infringement
In the previous post I explained about how to secure the copyright of your blog and protect your blog content from content thieves. I even concluded that following those precautions cannot avoid a thief from copying your blog content and those precautions get you the power of copyright owner thus helping you to take action on the content thief and his blog. In this post we will study about the second case that is taking the action on the infringed blog. Why I am representing Google in this post means its the Google blogspot blogs that almost involve in copyright infringements as blogger blogs are free to use. The one with hosted or WordPress blogs doesn't involve in copying others content after spending lot of money for hosting, domain, etc. So the more number of content thieves are residing at Google blogger blogs.

This tutorial not only helps you in reporting copyright violation related to Google blogger but also helps you in reporting copyright infringement related to other Google products too like YouTube, Gmail, Google+, Orkut, etc. All you need to have is the copyright ownership of the content you are claiming at. You must not make false attempts. Make sure to verify whether the content thief abide to the license terms of your blog or not and then take further step on reporting DMCA notice on him which I am going to explain in this post. Before filing a DMCA complaint on any blog, it is recommended that you contact him via his email Id, contact page of his blog, etc., and kindly request him to remove the  copied content to avoid being in trouble and if the response by him was negative then move with further step on reporting copyright violation to Google.
One more thing I wish to make clear is, suppose he is using any hosting service, free hosting service for his blog rather than the blogger hosting then you need to write a DMCA notice letter to the hosting service provider mentioning the clear details on what is being infringed and where can be the original and infringement content found on web. You can get to know the hosting provider using some sort of whois tools found on web, just Google it. So I am going to explain about reporting copyright infringement on a Google blogger blog which takes most of the chances.
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Reporting Copyright Infringement to Google Blogger

1. Go to Google DMCA page.
2. The cycle starts here. Choose the Google service you want to report.
google dmca

3. Specify nature of your request and choose yes if you are sure about your copyright ownership.
google blogger dmca
copyright infringement
4. Proceed with Yes and choose the type of work which is infringed.
google dmca form
5. A link to a online DMCA notice form [form related to your above specifications] will appear at the last line of the page, click on it.

Online DMCA notice form

6. In the contact information section, enter your name, full legal name, your Email Id and your residence.
googld dmca application

7. In 'Your copyrighted work' section,
  • Enter the Url of your original blog posts one by one.
  • Clearly specify what is being infringed in the 'identify and describe the copyrighted work' box, 
For Ex:-
"The above specified blog posts of my blog is infringed by the text excerpted on the site .. I kindly request the Blogger DMCA team to take appropriate action on this blog."

google dmca copyright infringement

8. In the location of allegedly infringing material column, specify the exact Urls of the copies of your blog posts i.e., Url of the copied blog posts one by one.
copyright violation
9. Under the Sworn Statements, check the two sworn.
10. In signature column, specify the date you are filing this complaint and enter your full name in signature box.
11. Finally submit your complaint.

Copyright Infringement notice confirmation mail

12. You will receive a confirmation mail like this.
google blogger dmca

Content took down

13. Once after Google verifies and process your DMCA complaint, you will receive a content took down mail like this and your infringed blog content no longer appears on those Urls.
report copyright infringement

Additional Note

Click on the images to expand it. It usually takes around 1-2 days to process your application. You can report maximum Urls at a same time and in a single application. Last week i had planned a plagiarism fight day and took down around 50 blog posts and a complete blogspot blog without contacting any admin of those blogs. Being the copyright owner of my blog, Google DMCA team processed 100% of my requests. Hope I have explained the process very clearly in this blog post and if you still face any issue at any moment, feel free to contact me via comment section here and I am always here for quick help on it. Take care pals :).




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